Something About Cygnus Knights Event Introduction in Maplestory

Your character will have a light bulb above their head when you log intoMaplestory. If you click on it, it will automatically play a teaser video for the Cygnus Knights. Afterwards, you will be teleported to a map called "Cygnus Knights: Opening" where the screen will be black and Neinheart will ask if you want to teleport straight to Ereve.

If you click on "accept", you will be transferred to Ereve, if you click on the "reduction", the game(Maplestory powerleveling) will check, if you have an empty string. Neinheart will remind you that you either all or do you have a new role and makes you again teleport to Ereve but was tapped, so if you click "accept", it will take you back to the same map, this is the same effect, click on the "reduction".

Light bulb will appear again, you will have two new Cygnus knight(Maple Story Mesos) related events. If you happen to be free to Ereve refused Neinheart, you can still from head to the island. To Ellinia or orbis station, then take the ferry to Ereve 1000 can detect the swan knights and 100 pounds.


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