rushing and scouting

1. Rushing

It is the time to Rushing when your party finishes and decides Let is PQ again!, which is 80% of the time. The best way to rush is through use of Scouting and a bit of Hogging. The Scout gives the all clear is when the leader clicks Nella. Everyone clicks Nella again quickly and then proceed to the sewers or stay hidden to prevent Tracking. Hopefully, you well have gotten in again and the outside parties are frustrated at your skilful return to the PQ.


2. Scouting

In MapleStory for Scouting, it is a job anyone except the leader can do. If anyone needs to stock up on potions or needs to buy new gear, then they are 1st priority for scouting. Scouts should copy down names in case the party misses, and tells when they have all the names via party chat. Then they hide to prevent any tracking.

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