Phase 3 and Phase 4 on Boss in Maplestory

Phase 3: This time, both Wisemen will be revived and the Huigin statue will be joining the fight. Huigin is a fire based Statue, meaning It is resistant to Fire but weak to Ice that has two attacks and six skills in Maplestory:

Nflicts base damage and slow. The scope of fire, can be marked on the ground, can stun. Physics and spell damage(MapleStory Mesos) can reflect. Also can print, weakness, physical attacks and spells defense. With the previous stage, wiseman rex, will Huigin and wiseman of Solomon. Once again, all three of the statue was defeated, phase 4 begins.

Phase 4: The three statues defeated earlier have once again been revived and now the Munin statue joins in. Munin is Huigins counterpart and is Ice Based rendering it resistant to ice leaving Fire as It is weakness. It has two attacks and 2 skills:

Inflicts ice based damage with Darkness. Has a physical attack that inflicts the Confuse buff or the Crazy Skull buff. Can cast Seduce. Can cast Mapban, a skill that boots a player out of the room rendering them to reenter the room. Take out Munin and Wiseman Rex first before moving on to take down the rest.
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