Party Guide for Pink Bean

Hey I found this guide on the sleepywood forum, written by sw2009. Thought you guys might like to read it.


Assuming DPM for the following (Correct me if I am wrong)
(Thanks for pointing out to me not everyone has Godly equipments, will assume average equip for everyone to be on the safe side, but the 16k base hp and 26k hb should be the minimum requirement for ranged.)(Will reduce all dpms to be on the safe side)

1. NL - at least 10m
2. BM- at least 9m MM-at least 8m
3. Hero - at least 6m
4. Paladin - 6m (lightning charge)
5. Drk - at least 6 m
6. Shadower - at least 5m
7. Bishop - 0 dpm


1. Pink bean is neutral to poison and lightning
2. Ariel does at least 13k damage
3. Pink bean does at most 25k damage touch damage and at most 11k long range damage
4. Reflect from Pink Bean damage ranges from 5-15k - thereby requiring ranged attackers to have 26k hp with hb in case of unforseen tragedies.
5. Damaged to Pink Bean is halved, so that means its hp is 4.2b when calculating it.


1. Auto Potting is required.
2. Apples,…etc supply are to be made for that 1h run
3. Please include the avoid pills or etc to increase the Avoid of everyone
4. Every member is familiar with the layout of Pink Bean Map and where to stand.
5. Shadowers should have 100m with them in the event that meso explosion(last resort) is required for Pink Bean, Phases 1-4 should not utilize meso explosion if possible.
6. Note in extreme cases when Pink Bean reflect is on, Dark Knight may have to remain idle and try to remain alive by not attacking Pink Bean. Their hb is more important than damage dealing.


Killing 5 hp bars

There are alot of HP Bars , total of 5 Hp Bars + Pink Been Personal Hp Bar , Meaning to say , there are 5 phrases to battle in .

Phrase 1 : Wiseman Solomon [300m] HP

Phrase 2 : Wiseman Solomon [300m] HP + Wiseman Rex [300m] HP

Phrase 3 : Wiseman Solomon [300m] HP + Wiseman Rex [300m] HP +Huigin [450m] HP

Phrase 4 : Wiseman Solomon [300m] HP + Wiseman Rex [300m] HP +Huigin [450m] HP + Munin [450m] HP

Phrase 5 : Wiseman Solomon [300m] HP + Wiseman Rex [300m] HP +Huigin [450m] HP + Munin [450m] HP + Ariel (600m+say400m for allowance) + Pink Been (4.2b)

*Note : You have 8 Seconds to walk from Right To left after every Phrase- Please don’t jump or flash jump. Shadowers and Nl will caste haste.*

Total Hp + allowance will be = 9750m

Logistics and Assumptions:

Apples are 2 be prepared in advance.

Typing should not be used to communicate, rather an external software that allows microphone will be preferred.

Some1 is required to lead and guide through the boss run through microphone.

AutoPot is a must

Absolutely no jumping or flash jump. Only haste is used.

Leader should warn when Pink bean is changing form and direct attackers on where to stand.

Assumption: No death and Pink bean is successful pinned.

No deaths due to lag.

AutoPot allows an attacker to Pot after damage from reflect and hp is full before next attack.

Otherwise the below build may seem safer

Team for high survivability- highest possibility of downing Pink Bean IMO

4 parties of

1 mm for SE kb and does 199k to pink bean(with 26k hp a mm shld be able to survive reflect)
2 night lord - attacker
1 dark knight - hyperbody for them to survive reflect+ damage
1 shadower - smoke screen at phase 5
1 bishop - for dispel at phase 5 - no healing

Min Hp for all +hyperbody is 26k
Hp for dark knight is 30k

Dpm for each party is at least 40 dpm

Melee Party would be

1 party for pinning pink bean that consists of

1 dark knight, (hb)
1 marksman(for se +kb + 199k damage to pink bean)
1 hero
2 paladins (lightning charge)
1 bishop (dispel)

Dpm for the party is at least 30 m

Min hp for shadower with hb is 26k
The rest with hb is 30k (exc bishop, bishop need min mp and hp to survive)

Total Dpm of the 5 parties = 190m

9750/190 = 51.31 min

ETC = 51.31 min + unforseen circumstances 5min <1h

On a side note, Pink bean requires 23min of uninterrupted damage dealing to down it
With the status ..etc, Bishop has to spam dispel.
Estimated time to kill Pink bean is 26-27mins. It is highly desireable that after downing Ariel, you should be left with at least 30-35 mins.

Note :- Marksman are very important at the last stage for downing PB, Bishop Please help them to stay alive. They are supposed to deal 199k damage to pink bean. After shadowers smoke screen the 4 marksman are supposed to snipe PB.
Assuming no one dies, by the 20th minute, PB should be dead.

Some thoughs on killing Pink Bean

I was thinking along the line that after the 4 parties has gone into smoke screen

the 5 marksman can snipe at least 3 times against pink bean
the paladin can heaven’s hammer(sanctuary) at least twice against pink bean
the 4 shadowers can ds + assasinate +bs at least twice against pink bean

In the event that they do full damage , It will be
marksman 199k x5 x3 approximately 3m
paladin hh(sanctuary) approx 199kx2 = 400k
4 shadowers assasinate = not sure on the optimum damage here
Total = approx 3.4m of theoretical damage

Hope that some1 will down Pink Bean soon.

Remember Pink bean requires the effort of the server and there are many washed players around, except that they may not be prominent, it takes effort to find them.

Happy Mapling and Good luck to all

BTW, Corsairs have high DPM too… instead of NLs , you can substitute your party with some 16k hp corsairs.

Though NLs may be preferred for their high avoidance which will be higher + other avoidance pot…

MM should be included for their kb but finding 26k with hb is a challenge.

However the real challenge is finding

at least 8 nl with at least 16k hp ,26k hb
at least 4 shadowers with at least 16k hp,26k hb
at least 5 bm/mm with at least 16k hp,26k hb
at least 3 hero 3 paladin 5 dark knight with 30k hp with hb

In Conclusion

This party together with the fact that
Keeping Pink Bink pinned to the left (to avoid being seduced and bomb with Genesis like thingy) will enable everyone to have an easier time.

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