Part1 Maplestory Guide: Crack In The Wall

Glad to see you . The information inMaplestory from the official forum, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

This is the "hardest" part of Ludi PQ, the boss, Alishar. Before you do anything, make sure you are ready, then kill the dirty ratz that is in the platform whree the box is. Let the pass fall on the box and Alishar will be summoned. Make sure you are hasted, have booster, used a warrior pill/pot, and a sniper pill if you are below level(Maple Story Mesos) 40 just incase.

When it has been summoned nonstop jump attack with lucky seven. Do a back attack when it goes near you will be out of its magic attack range. As it is weakened, it will summon chronos, then platooon chronos, then master chronos. Keep attacking alishar and use cure pots when you are cursed. We do not recommend all cure pots, for that is a waste. Instead, in path of time, buy(MapleStory gold) holy waters and eyedrops. When Alishar dies, let your leader get the keys he drops. Then he/she will talk to the baloon and be sent to bonus stage.

A quick tip sent by a reader: Stand on the ledge where the NPC baloon is and attack from there nonstop. He also noted, Do not count on a cleric for heal. Always have pots with you. A cleric can get cursed, and if he/she uses magic guard, his/her MP will run out very quickly. We agree with the cleric part. We personally think most clerics run away from Alishar when he gets close. We have never depended on a cleric and always used pots we get from determine stage.

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