Part One: For Fire/Poison Wizards in MapleStory

since Poison is a rather mediocre skill that does not represent the power of the wizard. Despite the lack of versatility, Fire Wizard has the highest damage power out of all mages. Training Grounds: If you have any money problems, go to Amoria and train on Sakura Cellions, as they drop more mesos than any other enemy of similar level, they are level 33 and give 300 mesos each.
30-34: Train where you have trained before. Ant Tunnel is a good choice, and so is Land of Wild Boars. Jr Sentinels and those green and horned mushroom tree dungeons at Ellinia are profitable alternatives. White Letties and Dark Leatties and Jr Pepes are good for El Nath. Very Profitable. Jr Pepes are very profitable at this level, but they are much harder to kill than, say, both horny and zombie mushrooms in the Ant Tunnel.



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