Other Stuff of Equipment in MapleStory

Disregard gloves throughout this section, we will not be going over that for some time yet. We are also not covering earings for a while either. Right away at level 10 you are gonna want to buy(Maple Story Mesos) the entire level 10 set, it does not matter which color, mainly because they all do the same thing and do not give any stat boosts. Plus at this low of a level, they would hardly make a difference anyway. Personally we like the red set of gear, but you know, it does not really matter. You are gonna want to grab a garnier right away, and subis will do fine if you have not funded your character. Even if you have funding, subis wont make much of a difference at this level.

At level 15 upgrade to the dark set of gear. It is not the most attractive set, but why not change up clothing. Either way, you still get a really cool hat, in our opinion at least. The shoes do not need to be changed either, but meh, if you want the extra def, go with your way. The level(MapleStory gold) 15 claw is an okay grab. The mithril titans not only improve your attacking speed Which is the most important, but they also improve your weapon defense, and obviously your attack power.

Level 20. Ahh, the famous Pao gear. It is really great-looking stuff, get it. Preferably the dark set, since you will get some nifty luck and MP bonuses. The green hat for the set also gives 5 MP, so you can add that in there too. The other gear is nice too, but you will be neading that black top for the luck bonus. Pick any shoe you want, too. It is all good. Buy or craft an Adamantium Igor, as well. It matches the gear nicely, and you could stand a new weapon.


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