Nexon Updates MapleStory Customer Support Rules

In what many maplers have already dubbed a huge mistake, Nexon has updated the customer support rules for MapleGlobal. In an announcement posted yesterday, Nexon promises to change the way GM’s (Game Masters) go about investigating violations and imposing infractions. Our Customer Support team has been hard at work reviewing and amending the policies which govern how our Games Masters investigate and take action against players following exploits, hacks and other infractions of our Terms of Service. Our goal was to make this policy more fair and more transparent so that players are no longer confused about any punishment they may have received. Most importantly we have updated the types of infractions which will result in player punishment and improved the investigation process to avoid subjecting innocent players to unfair punishment. This change in protocol is most likely the result of the A Better Maple program and the hell bans imposed on players after the Unleashed patch that left scores of innocent players banned for months and drove away many dedicated users from MapleStory. However,if these dedicated users want to buy maple story mesos,they can place the order on our website.Of course,Many feel that these changes will result in lax treatment for those who dupe – a huge issue in the game today – and will allow for more abuse to go undetected.

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