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Hello all,

It is been a while since a weekly update has been posted and we apologize for that. Basically, either I (Matt) or Craig have had computer issues and in the time that both of us were functioning together, the rest of us just became accustomed to not posting updates weekly and I apologize again.

Basically I d like to inform you all what has been going on the past few weeks and a few plans going on, that will hopefully update some people who are already members and maybe motivate some of you guys to join who are not yet members.

When I came back after my computer issues I immediately attacked our first issue, MTD Khaini which was in a bit of a rough spot. I am happy to say that our Khaini branch is for the most part on track again though could still use a bit of work. Also Flamechocobo our Bera MTD leader has worked diligently on also increasing the activity level of his branch as well. Scania and Windia as well are in great shape. Broa could definitely use some work, but that is basically at the top of our list of things to do.

We also are again in need of a MTD Broa branch leader. Whether permanent or temporary (though preferably permanent). If you are interested please click the appropriate link listed at the end of this update.

Also, there is two events in planning right now for MTD members. Both of their links can also be found below along. To join MTD, please click the corresponding link to the branch you would like to join.

Thank you and I hope to begin updating you guys weekly with separate branch updates. Have a great week!

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