There are a number of Mini-Games in the world of MapleStory. Some are accessed via the Cash Shop, while others can be made by collecting items in-game. Most Do not give any sort of prize, however. Not all take place between players, either, as there are some single player mini-games as well. In addition, There is a place in Henesys called "Henesys Game Park" dedicated to hosting these mini-games.

Omok is a very simple mini-game. It is played between two players. One must own a game, while the challenger merely has to enter. It is based off a Japanese game called “Gomoku”. Each player has a piece that resembles various monsters in the game depending on what Omok set is used that can be placed on the board. The goal of the game is to get 5 (but not more) in a row. There are a number of sets that are possible to create, using Omok Pieces dropped from Monsters in Victoria Island and Ludibrium. All that is needed to create a game is 99 (or only 1 in Europe MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory) of each type and an Omok Table that is also dropped by few monsters. To do this, take the collected items to Casey in Henesys Game Park or Chico in Ludibrium. The pieces available are:

 Match Cards (Concentration)
Talk to Casey in Henesys Game Park to make a deck.Match cards is another simple mini-game. To play, two players are needed, and one of them needs a Deck of cards. To make a deck, 100 monster cards (15 in JapanMS, EuropeMS and BrazilMS) are needed. Talk to Casey in Henesys Game Park or Chico in Ludibrium to create one. Monster cards are extremely common in GlobalMS, so many people have decks of cards. Once a deck has been acquired, the game is played in a window resembling Omok’s. At the beginning, after choosing a hard/medium/easy difficulty, the cards are revealed and flipped over one by one to be face down. Matches must be made by remembering where cards are. Every time a correct match is made, that player gets to try again until failure. In easy games, this can result in the player who gets the first turn winning before the second player even gets a chance to go. If a new player enters the room, the host will go first. Otherwise the loser of the previous game goes first. Since the owner of the game can kick people out, this method is sometimes abused to get a very high win/loss record. Games of Match Cards can also result in a tie, since points are attributed for each match made. Occasionally, guilds or other organizations will hold tournaments.
Match Cards is available in every version.

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