Maplestory:Pros and Cons of bowmen

Bowmen Can not attack up close effectively, at least until the higher levels, and they also Can not jump + shoot like Assassins can, meaning that if enemies get in close, Bowmen are at a big disadvantage and need to get out of there.


* Exteemely high maximum damage

* Attack at range

* Can usually get their arrows from monsters or for free/really cheap from other players.

* Very high accuracy means missing enemies should not be a problem.

* Can switch to a melee weapon at the lower levels and still be effective.

* Can knockback enemies.


* Very low minimum damage means damage stability is the worst out of all the classes.

* Terrible in melee range unless they switch to a melee weapon (only really feasible at lower levels).

* Cannot jump and then shoot while in the air.

* Avoidability not as good as Assassins which means they get hit more often.

* Slower attack speed than Assassins.

* Some people find them the most boring class as the usual hunting method involves just standing in a safe spot and shooting at enemies at a distance.

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