MapleStory:Karma Koin Update For Mexico

Great news! Prepaid card buyers in Mexico will now receive more NX when purchasing with Karma Koin. The new amounts more accurately reflect prices players are paying for game cards due to differences in exchange rates, and we are happy to offer this update for our players in Mexico! Previous MXN $150 = 9,000 NX MXN $250 = 15,000 NX New MXN $150 = 12,000 NX MXN $250 = 20,000 NX FAQ When does this go into effect? This change is effective immediately. When redeemed, will previously purchased cards be automatically honored at the new exchange rate?buy Maple Story mesos. All cards that are redeemed from this point on will receive the new rates, regardless of when the card was purchased. Does this change affect any other type of NX, such as that purchased through credit cards or via PayPal? No. This change only applies to NX redeemed from Karma Koin.

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