All characters begin the game as Beginners. Once players have trained their characters to the appropriate levels and have met the stat requirements, they may complete the first job advancement. Players are faced with 5 choices: the Warrior, Bowman, Thief, Magician or Pirate. Aside from the Magician path, which allows Beginners to advance at level 8, all jobs require the player to be at least level 10 prior to advancement. Each job has different stat requirements. The first job choice decides the class of the character. It should be noted that you may be over the level to make the job advancement, but this is not recommended, especially if you are a magician or a warrior, as you will lose HP or MP, depending on your class. All future job advancements will merely refine and strengthen this initial choice. It should be noted that once a character has chosen a certain job, he/she cannot change it.

Only characters levels 30 and upward are allowed to gain more power by performing a job change. After completing a quest that involves killing monsters to obtain 30 Dark Marbles, players are allowed to choose their second job. The classes that are made available this time differ with the player is first job. Thieves may choose between Assassins or Bandits. An assassin is weapon of choice is a claw that is used to launch throwing stars; a Bandit wields daggers. Magicians will be given the option of either Cleric with healing and Holy-based attacks, or two different types of Wizards with either fire and poison or ice and lightning attacks. Magicians attack with wands and staves. A Bowman can choose to become a Hunter who equips a bow or a Crossbowman who sports a crossbow. Finally, a Warrior can choose between becoming a Page who attacks with blunt weapons or swords, a Spearman who uses spears or pole arms, or a Fighter who uses swords or axes. Pirates may choose between Brawlers or Gunslingers. Each class has its own merits and disadvantages. As is the case with each job advancement, new skills are introduced to the player.

At level 70, characters can once again change their job by talking to their respective 3rd job instructors at the Mystics Hut in El Nath of Ossyria and completing two quests assigned to them. Unlike previous job advancements, the player is not given a choice. Thieves who became Assassins become Hermits, but Thieves who chose to become Bandits become Chief Bandits. Magicians who chose the Cleric path become Priests and Wizards of both types become Mages. Hunters become Rangers and Crossbowmen become Snipers. Warriors who became Pages become White Knights, Spearmen become Dragon Knights, and Fighters become Crusaders. Pirates who became Brawlers become Marauders, Gunslingers become Outlaws.

At level 120, the character can again change classes and become even more powerful with their fourth job advancement. The Hermits become Night Lords, Chief Bandit become Shadowers, Rangers become Bow Masters, Snipers become Marksmen, Priests become Bishops, Mages comes Arch Mages, Crusaders become Heroes, Knights become Paladins, Dragon Knights become Dark Knights, Marauders become Buccaneers, and Outlaws become Corsairs. Players are granted 4th job status after they have retrieved 2 items for their respective 4th job instructors that are located in Leafre

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