Maplestory:cleric training spot guide

Cleric is a more popular class in Maple Story .They have holy spells that are very powerful against the undead is and evil-based monsters. They also have skills that makes up for their low stamina and guarding abilities.


If you want to become a Magician, you must be at least level 8. Otherwise, level 10. Plus, you must have at least 20 INT. Once you are ready, head over to Ellinia, the town of Magicians, located in a deep forest east of Victoria Island, and go to the very top of the town. On the highest platform, you will see a house. Go inside the and you will see a floating person named Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him and he will judge your worth as a possible Magician and you will advance as a Magician.

Magician Training Grounds

Level 1-8: Train in Maple story mesos  Island against Snails, Blue Snails, and Shrooms.

Level 8-10: Train in Henesys against Snails, Blue Snails, Red Snails, Shrooms, Slimes, Mushrooms, and Pigs.

Level 10-15: Train in Ellinia against Slimes.

Level 15-21: Train in Henesys against Pigs and Ribbon Pigs.

Level 21-30: Train in Ellinia against Green Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms or Do the Party Quest in Kerning City or train in the dungeon against Stirges.

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In order to become a Cleric, you must be at least level 30. Go talk to Grendel the Really Old once again, and he will rave about how you look much stronger now than before. He will also make an offer that if you pass a simple test, he will make you even more powerful than you already are.

Cnce you accept the offer to take the test, he will give you a letter that is for the Job Advancement Instructor near Ellinia, and you will have to go search for that person. Once the instructor receives the letter from you, you will be taken inside a tree, where the instructor tells you to collect 30 Dark Crystals by defeating the monsters inside.

Once inside, there are no stores around to speak of, so you will need to stock up and prepare yourself before entering. Once all 30 Dark Crystals have been collected, the instructor will award you with a Proof of a Hero, and you will take that back to Grendel the Really Old in Ellinia, where then you will advance as the Cleric in Maple story mesos .

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