Maplestory:assassin advanced skill guide

Here are some introduce about assassin advanced skill guide.If you are a sin newbie,please pay attention to this guide.Ok,Let is start.

Most Sins do not use normal attacks. They use L7, even killing a low lvl
monster. This increases the chances of critical hit, and also make sure
maximum damage is done.

Keep using this skill would mean mp shortage. Hence using Mp potions is a
must. Do not worry of spending 100k+ on potions, most likely you are going to
make a net profit. Killing monsters in 1 L7 guarantee profit. Try to balance
your stars and potions, so that when you are going to recharge, you can also

Jump Shoot
Sins are the only ranged character that can jump shoot. Professional Sins
jump shoot most of the time. Jump shooting allows them to attack monsters on
high platforms and also evade their attacks.

With these 2 speed enhancing skills, Sins can kill faster and move around
faster. With the combination of all 4 skills, Sins become the deadliest
characters in MapleStory.

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