MapleStory Zones of Maple Island

The world of MapleStory consists of Maple Island, Victoria Island and Ossyria. The following will give you a description of the islands and the towns and villages that each is comprised of:

Maple Island

(image: maps>"maple island") Maple Island is in the game(Maplestory powerleveling), everyone will start their journey as a beginner the first place. This is the new player can start to learn and use their character is basic skills of the game. The place consists of small towns made up of houses and shops and inhabited by monsters that randomly and constantly appear in Maplestory.

There are three towns that make up the island, these are the "Mushroom Town", a town with quests that will require players to perform simple tasks while learning the basics of jumping and attacking; "Amherst", another small town where one will find an armory and shop for potions; and "South Perry", otherwise known as the harbor town, where you will board a ship to get to Victoria Island. It is recommended to stay at Maple Island until one has reached level 8 for would-be-Magicians and level 10 for the other classes(MapleStory Mesos).

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