MapleStory White Knights for Gameplay

 Two main areas are patterned in white knights(Buy maplestory mesos) are elemental attacks and defensive tactics. Their ability to use Fire, Ice, and Lightning charges makes them very strong against anything weak to those elements, although they deal less damage over time against enemies not weak to an element, outdamaging the other two classes over time and providing steadier knockback. Additionally, they can freeze and stun mobs combined with Threaten, this provides them with a good balance of defense and offense that makes them the game is premier solo class.

For WKs, the only things set in stone about elements are that fire is good against ice, though the holy element will not be available until 4th, ice against fire, and holy against undead. For the rest, lightning is good against some fire monsters and some water monsters. White Knights in game(Maplestory powerleveling) continue to use Power Strike (260% damage) and Slash Blast (130% damage) as their main attacks. However, they may use these with an elemental charge. The charges provide attack boosts as follows, on Power Strike:

With Lightning Charge - 325%.
Fire Charge (on fire weak) - 468%.
Ice Charge (on ice weak) - 409.5%.
Lightning Charge (on lightning weak) - 487.5%.

This steady string of damage results in more Maplestory damage over time on a single target than Crusaders or Dragon Knights, as long as the monster is weak to fire or lightning. If not, Crusaders will deal more.

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