Maplestory Weapon Choices

 Crusaders can choose from a variety of weapons(MapleStory gold). They can choose axes for low scrolling costs resulting in high weapon attack, but unstable damage, or swords for high costs but stable damage. They can choose 2-handed weapons for slower attack speed but higher damage per hit, or 1-handed weapons for faster attack speed but lower damage per hit. One weakness of Crusaders is that their skills result in a string of unstable damage. Against some monsters, this can result in wild damage variety, causing knockback issues in some cases compared to the stable damage of White Knights in Maplestory.

Also, Crusader is stun is interruptible, meaning if you were to hit the stunned monster after using coma/shout on it, it will become unstunned. This can be quite irritating dealing with a large mob around you. If Power Guard is on, bumping into the stunned monster will cause it to become unstunned. Crusaders also take a long time to master their attack skills, as they spend many levels(Maplestory powerleveling) mastering Combo first.

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