MapleStory Warriors of Other Classes

If you are 100% sure that you want to train a Warrior at this point, otherwise, we suggest you continue reading on for other possibilities in your MapleStory journey. First we wish to discuss Warriors vs Archers. In the beginning, an Archer is like a long range warrior except more accurate and they have more avoidability. Each of them have unstable damage, and Archers get double shot which puts them near the same damage of a warrior.


Archers however, take even more patience compared to a Warrior, due to their even more drastic unstable damage. Later, Archers become crazy. They use multiple "stunning" abilities while attacking several enemies at once. Both of 3rd jobs of an Archer reach extremely high damage levels(Maplestory powerleveling) due to the fact they can fire 4 arrows. This damage is incredibly close to that of a really good Warrior, except they attack from a distance, not taking damage if you catch our drift.


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