Maplestory Warrior AP Distrubution

Here we will introduce the Maplestory Warrior AP Distrubution. May hope is that this article can

help some people.


The most important AP to warriors is STR. STR determines how high a warrior is maximum

damage is, and it also increases its minumum damage. STR is also needed to wear warrior

equipment. This will be a warrior is primary AP (The one it adds to most). The second most

important AP to warriors is DEX. DEX does not increase warrior damage nearly as much as STR

(Not even more minimum damage), but dex gives accuracy which allows warriors to train on

monsters without missing. There is something called capping DEX (Which is basically not

adding anymore DEX once it reaches a certain amount) to add more STR to maximize one is

damage, but I will mention that later in the guide. You will be adding enough DEX to get enough

accuracy to hit the monster you are training on 100% of the time (Keep in mind equipment gives

dex/acc as well), while the rest goes into STR, meaning you should do some research on how

much accuracy the monster you plan on training on needs at the level you plan on going to it.

When creating a warrior, I recommend rolling a 4 int and luk unless you are rich enough to be

lazy about it and then reset.


Dexless : 4 Dex - Add none to Dex and pump all to STR.
Low Dex : Up to 60 - Follow the 2 Dex 3 Str until level 30 (for a maximum of 60 Dex) Lower Dex

means stopping earlier than 30.
Regular Dex : Up to 80 - Follow the 2 Dex 3 Str until level 30 (for 60 Dex), then switch to 1 Dex

4 Str until 50 (for up to 80 Dex). Lower than 80 Dex means stopping earlier than 50.


The idea really is to follow the standard 2 Dex 3 Str build until you reached your desired Dex cap

(with the exception of Dexless in which you Do not actually add anything but pump to STR).

Ofcourse there are other ways to do the build like 1 Dex 4 Str to maximize damage early on.

However, the traditional build has always been 2 Dex 3 Str as this will ensure that you can hit

pretty much all training monsters during those levels.










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