MapleStory Tips: Monster Book(One)

In KoreaMS, JapanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, ThailandMS, and GlobalMS, there is a system called the "Monster Book." Monster book is, by definition, one, each player is given a book catalog of the monster. When the monster books are added to the game(Maplestory powerleveling), the monsters will start to decline, "cards" containing their details. Each individual can collect monster cards 5 times.

Upon picking up a monster is first card, the monster is slot in the book lights up and It is standing sprite becomes viewable. The second time a card is picked up, the monster is HP and MP(Maplestory) values will be displayed, as well as some new animations of the monster, such as walking or knockback. The third time, the monster is history and level will be added.

For the fourth card, a near complete drop list is revealed, with certain items (such as Skill books) omitted. The fifth card will show the world the exact location of the monster and give the experience a temporary increase of 15%. This promotion will continue for one hour, from the card is picked up. The monster of all the remaining animation will also be unlocked.

Though cards will continue to drop after the final card is found, picking up more than five will have no effect. In addition to their permanent change in a player is monster book, robbing the people on each player is "fans" to give them, such as increased or decreased rate of speed / jump upgrade will improve, the area where the monster appears hunting.




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