Maplestory Tips for Thunder Breaker

Thunder Breakers are melee fighters who are blessed by the spirit of lightning. They use knuckles as their main weapons, but although they fight at close range, their skills are very powerful compared to the standard infighter. Level 1~10:Kiku is nobless trainings. Level 10~13:Kiku is beginner knight training. Level(MapleStory Mesos) 13~16:Talk to Neinheart in Ereve and he will ask you to go to Henesys and support agent Roca.

Head and go near Roca agent, Bruce. Then, she will have a mission to you. You must be over 50 cynical plus a cynical mushroom mushroom doll. When you finish, she will have another task for you. At this time, you must find a suspicious shadow in the tropical rainforests striker. When you move the mouse click to arrive there, you see each raintree. The tree is right side near the door. When you finish, Roca agent in the striker.

After talking to her, she will ask you to train until level(Maplestory powerleveling) 16. when you are level 16 already, Head back to agent Roca. She should have another task for you. At this time, you must defeat, pigs, 100 pig pig baby 50, you can find ribbon of pigs. In the long and hunting, Roca agent. She should give you experience as a reward. Later, then talk to her, she will say you have completed the striker.

Then, she will give you the report and the pig doll to give it back to Nineheart in Erev. Head to Ellinia and take the boat there to Ereve. The trip should take about 2 minutes. After reaching at Ereve, go and talk to Neinheart. Then, he will give you EXP and your mission is done. Have a good time in Maplestory.


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