Maplestory Tips for Party Quest

Try Zarkum party quest in Maplestory. When you finish you get 12,000 experience minimum requirement. If you can get a good group of about 3-5 people a party, the pursuit can be less than 10 minutes. It is not only easy once you find the tips, but if you are careful you will use less than 50 for each side to pursue a white syrup, which is a great convenience, speed, killing about 90 small Yetis ( 12000 experience) level of around 50. In about 10 minutes of a party is pursuit of a 12,000 experience(Maple Story Mesos), if you keep it for an hour to 72,000 per hour, the import and export. This is nearly 10% of the level of 51,748608 experience, just an hour of need.

In addition, if you only use about every 50 white syrup party seeking that only 300 white syrup was 10% for us, not just HP solution than using tons of medicine and better, and members of Congress, so you can save more money , its fast and easy comparison, killing 540 small Yetis. If you like this tip, go. This sounds 100% logical to us, we may try. This section is under construction, due to the current level(Maplestory powerleveling) of our game. If you have other things trains or more tips, please feel free to email us.


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