Maplestory tips for cleric

There are places that offer good experience for cleric.If you are have been playing a cleric in Maplestory for a while now and need some assistance leveling, then read this portion.

Dual Ghost Pirate
Party Training (Level 82+)

- Low leech level (Sure gobies are 80 but bone fish, which leech at 92, are on the same map)
- No DK dependence because you barely get hit (use MG with no problems)
- Really safe map (lots of ledges, you can HS every party member from a ledge where monsters Can not reach at all), good for priests that lag and die at DT/MDTs
- Weak touch damage (800~ ish with max invible) and no magic damage unless provoked (you wont need provoke them)

The map has 8 flat wide platforms. 4 attackers and 1 priest to a party. Priest goes up and down HS/Bless/Healing goby/squid style. Each attacker takes 2 platforms.

Classes to party: White Knights,Crusaders, Fire Mages. Sometimes Chief Bandits are ok, Hermits can usually do platform 2 only (well a 12x hermit could probably take any platform).

Topmost spot has slowest spawn, spots 2 and 3 have good spawn, while bottom has really fast spawn (stick your strongest attacker on bottom).

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