Maplestory Thoughs on Killing

We were thinking along the line that after the 4 parties has gone into smoke screen:

The 5 marksman can snipe at least 3 times against pink bean.
The paladin can heaven is hammer(sanctuary) at least twice against pink bean.
The 4 shadowers can ds + assasinate +bs at least twice against pink bean.

In the event that they do full damage, It will be marksman 199k x5 x3 approximately 3m, paladin hh(sanctuary) approx 199kx2 = 400k, 4 shadowers assasinate = not sure on the optimum damage here. Total = approx 3.4m of theoretical damage.

Hope that some1 will down Pink Bean soon. Remember Pink bean requires the effort of the server and there are many washed players around, except that they may not be prominent, it takes effort to find them. We provide Maplestory powerleveling for you to level up.

BTW, Corsairs have high DPM instead of NLs, you can substitute your party with some 16k hp(Maplestory) corsairs. Though NLs may be preferred for their high avoidance which will be higher + other avoidance. MM should be included for their kb but finding 26k with hb is a challenge. However the real challenge is finding:

at least 8 nl with at least 16k hp ,26k hb.
at least 4 shadowers with at least 16k hp,26k hb.
at least 5 bm/mm with at least 16k hp,26k hb.
at least 3 hero 3 paladin 5 dark knight with 30k hp with hb.

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