Maplestory Summon Guide for Monster

Now, every time you kill a monster in Maplestory, it gives you a various amount of CP. Not all monsters are scored equally - killing a teddy will give you only 1 CP, while brining down a Rombot will award you with 6. You can also collect CP from blue and red orbs and when an opponent leaves the carnival field.

Remember how we mentioned you can use stuff that creates all sorts of trouble for your opponents. Well, you gotta buy them, and CP is the currency you will be using. See that little window thingy on the upper left? There are three tabs: Mob, Skill and Protector, and you will find the goodies you seek in there.
We provide Maplestory powerleveling for you.

The mob tab, obviously, summons more monsters for your opponents. The monsters you can summon ranges from a cute, (relatively) harmless teddy to a big, scary
Rombot. Keep in mind that any monsters you summon will add to the spawn pool, meaning that they will respawn when they die, so they are not an one time thing. Here is a list of monsters you can summon in game(Maple Story Mesos):

Teddy - 7 CP (5 in field 5/6)
Bloctopus - 7 CP (6 in field 5/6)
Ratz (actually Retz) - 8 CP (7 in field 5/6)
Chronos - 8 CP
Toy Trojan - 9 CP
Tick-Tock - 9 CP
Robo - 10 CP
King Blocopus (actually King Block Golem) - 11 CP
Master Chrono - 12 CP
Rombot - 22 CP (30 in field 5/6)

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