Maplestory: Standard First Job Build(2)

Explanation of Build in Maplestory:

This build is most recommended due to the fact that it takes the cost of arrows and pots into consideration at the beginning of the build to avoid wasting money. The build also utilizes Double Shot, which has the potential to out damage Arrow Blow. A player that chooses to go with Focus at the end, most likely prefers to utilize the power of the skills ability to increase accuracy and avoid simultaneously. An advantage of having Focus at a decent level is that it can potentially increase the possibility of a player receiving a miss from a monster touch or attack. The disadvantage to Focus is that it requires the use of MP(Maple Story Mesos) and must be recast over time.

Those who prefer to have passive accuracy will put their remaining points into Blessing of the Amazon. The Bowman will be able to hit certain monsters at an earlier level(Maplestory powerleveling), and unlike Focus will not have to recast or waste MP due to its passiveness. The disadvantage to this build is that archers already have a decent amount of accuracy and extra may not be all that necessary. It will also lack the extra avoid that Focus would give.

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