MapleStory Spearman Build

MapleStory Spearman Build

This build is an average spearman build. I didnot include the stat build because you can see it on my fighter / page guide.
This build will only list the skills. If you need the stat builds, please visit my fighter / page guide. Thanks, and enjoy!
So, you want to be a spearman eh? Well, after all that work from level 1 ~ 30, I think you deserve to be one of the strongest classes in the game. Yes, that’s true : Dragon knights are one of the strongest classes in the game! With skills like dragon fury, dragon blood, and dragon roar, you are taking control of the strongest animal in the world! Not only that, but you can temporarily increase your hp and mp! The only down side is that you need A LOT of funding since the spears and pole arms, aren’t really cheap. Sure, you can buy everything in the Perion store, and El Nath store, but that only lasts up to level 40. You’ll have to buy from other characters to get your level 45 + Armour and spear / pole arm.

Skill Build
It is important to max a skill according to your spearman type. For example : If you’re a party spearman, you need to max hyper body as soon as possible. If you are a solo spearman, you need to max pole arm / spear mastery as soon as possible. So for an average spearman, this is the order of skills you should max:

Mastery > Hyper Body > Booster > Iron Will > Final Attack

Final attack isn’t important because its only just another attack. You can use power strike to do more damage and use booster to do it faster too. Hyper body is a number 1 priority because spearman don’t have a lot of defense, and level very quickly with a cleric / priest. You can kill and use hyper body while a cleric heals you. Clerics LOVE hyper body. That’s why a lot of people team up with you. They are the most wanted warriors in Ludibrium Party Quest .

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