Maplestory: Scrolls Guide

Go to hidden street, and look up gloves for attk scrolls, and do them. Or any other scrolls that are worth money in Maplestory.
Bosses - they do not drop any good stuff, considering that most spawn once every 30-1 hr. On most occasions your been ks ed already by high level(Maplestory powerleveling) characters, i.e bishops.

Events - we hear maple leaves are selling for 4-8k each (i.e - 1000 = 4m - 8m). just go find good spawning locations, or do the casandras box thingy, you get 500 leaves in one go, if your lucky.

Rare items(Maple Story Meso) hunting - hate us if you want, but spending hrs, grinding on drum bunnies, cube slimes, cold eyes, or zombie mushrooms, and out pops a chaos scroll - worth 50-80 mill now unless theres still millions in the market cause of the glitch. Killed the maple economy for 6 weeks.

But mind, drum bunnies drop, red whips, (1-5 mill), panlid (500k-2mill), scrolls, and lots of leaves. depending of rate of kill. Bubblings drop maple shields, and also cube slimes, - 10-30 mil still, but in a week, that will drop remarkably.


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