MapleStory: Request For a Refinery

You must have finished parts 1 and 2 of the Zakum quest before you can start this quest, since you will need the items you get from each of those. Along with these items, you will need to collect 30 Zombie is Lost Gold Tooth which are dropped by Minor Zombie.

 - Level(- 57
 - HP - 4,500
 - MP - 110
 - EXP - 190
 - Phys. Atk - 155
 - Mag. Atk - 185
 - Phys. Def - 165
 - Mag. Def - 180
 - Accuracy - 135
 - Avoid - 25

The four Dead Mine maps that you can find these. It should not take too long to collect the teeth, maybe an hour or so at max. Once you collect the 30 Golden Teeth, bring them and the other two items to Adobis. In exchange for these, He well give you five "Eye of Fir" which are used to summon Zakum. 

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