MapleStory Player Guide for Event


On certain days, the Game(MapleStory Mesos) Masters(or GMs) host special events in which any player is capable of participating, given their character is at a given map during the event time. All participants receive a trophy, and winners receive a random prize.

User is a notification about events in Maplestory from the top of the screen scroll box. Event is the influx of well-known players brought to the location of each event, which usually results in a large number of connection lag. Special events include Christmas activities, wedding activities, drawing activities, and find out. For example, players might need to find a project and return to the event for the people is congress or general manager.

Occasionally, certain versions of the game(Maplestory powerleveling) hold events that celebrate a certain event in real-life or an event specific to that version, such as a holiday or new server release. During these events, certain aspects of the game are modified in celebration. For example, the experience rate or drop rate may be increased, or special items may be released.


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