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There are two reasons in Maplestory, mainly to select only a particular world, those people and friends. If you have friends in some of the world, you might want to play in the world then you can play with. High population server means a wider market, so there are more people selling things you might want to buy in game(Maple Story Mesos), more choice and join guilds, and more people to the party. The shortcomings of a population is to explore the map of high competition and party competition.

You may find yourself changing channels a lot to find a channel with no one in a spot you want to train in, depending on how popular the spot is. The same goes for trying to enter party quests. Scania and Windia probably have the highest population in Maplestory(Maplestory powerleveling) right now. We choose Windia since It is a little less than Scania, but still high enough that there is not a lack of people for whatever we may want/need.



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