Maplestory Night Walker

This is the guide for Maplestory Night Walkers.

1. When you create your Cygnus Knight and train to level 10, go to the person on the left side of that big horse. There will be a quest that says "Time To Choose." Click on that and go to the guy in the tree. He will make you a Night Walker. Always put your Skill Point on Lucky Seven because then you can attack with that skill. Then put your 2 of your Ability Points on DEX and the rest on LUK.

2. When you are level 30, talk to the guy in the tree and do the quest. When you have done the quest, go to him again and he will give you your 2nd job skills. Put that Skill Point on Anything you want but the best skills to put it on are Haste, Claw Mastery, or Flash Jump. You will have a lot of fun with flash jump when you start using it. Keep Putting 2 Ability points on DEX and rest on LUK or you will be weak.

3. When you are level 70, go to the guy in the tree and do his quest. He will want you to find him somewhere in Ereve. Once you found him, click on him and he will transform into a boss. Defeat the boss and then go back to him and he will give you the level 70 Night Walker skill book. Put your ability point on Avenger or Shadow Partner. At this level it will be impossible to be weak if your DEX is double your level and a lot on LUK.

4. At level 120, you will be really strong. You will have to defeat a stronger boss this time. Once you kill the boss, Go to the guy in the tree and he will give you your fourth skill book. Put that Skill Point on anything you want. Your DEX should still be double your level and tons on LUK.

Hope this helps!

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