MapleStory monsters

MapleStory Monsters

Part 1
MapleStory Monsters can be your worst enemy but are needed to gain experience and/or mesos and items. The more Monsters you are able to defeat the faster you can level up, but defeating Monsters is not always a simple process, especially when you go up against the boss monsters which are the hardest to beat because of their special privileges.

A Maple Story Monster Guide will get you familiarized with the Monsters’ strengths and weaknesses and you can use that to your advantage when attacking. The MapleStory Monster Guides also teach you about Monster attack skills which will make you a lot more successful in battle once you are more familiar with the monsters and their capabilities.

With the help of a Maple Story Monster Guide you’ll be amazed at how much more skillful and efficient you are at defeating them. If you want to start stocking up on mesos, items and gain a lot more experience then click on the sight below. They can provide you with the best and most effective Maple Story Monster Guides available to help you defeat all the monsters effortlessly!

Here are the Video for Level 1-15 Monsters Guide

Part 2


The adventure of a player as he goes through the different levels of the game is made more exciting and challenging as he does battle with monsters which abound each and every screen. Killing monsters will give the player the necessary experience, mesos and items which he may use during the course of his journey. Each experience gained is automatically added to the player’s total experience, whereas the mesos and items are dropped at the location where the monsters are killed and will have to be picked up by the player. Items dropped by the monsters upon their deaths are monster leftovers (a piece of the monster), ores, equipment, quest items and usable drops. Stronger monsters (those on a higher level) give more experience points when killed and they drop larger amounts of mesos. They also tend to leave behind more sellable and usable items.

The monsters inhabiting the beginner island, Maple Island, are known for being suited best to characters which belong to levels below 10. In Victoria Island, monsters are pitted against those players who have reached levels higher than 10. Stronger monsters can be found in Ossyria, making it a prime location for high-leveled characters to train.

Strengths and Weaknesses

All monsters have a defense rating that is used to counter both the physical and magical attacks. For instance, a "Sentinel" is substantially armored compared to other monsters in its level range. It has a better defense against weapon attacks which then makes it hard for most characters near its level to launch a sufficient attack. Magicians, on the other hand, are less adept at killing monsters which employ magic defense including "Luster Pixies", who enjoy lesser vulnerability against magical attacks. Other monsters have elemental strengths and weaknesses that make them, more or less, defenseless against certain elemental attacks. A case in point is the "Fire Boar", who is weak against ice-elemental attacks, yet strong against fire-elemental attacks.

Monster skills

Some monsters use certain skills on characters for a particular range attack. These may include: Sealing, which locks the players skills so that they will be barred from using them; Darkness, decreases accuracy of the players; Weakness, which disables the players’ jumping ability; and Curse, which halves the experience points of the players. There are, however, ways of countering these. One is by the use of potions while another is by employing the skills of a priest to dispel these effects.

Some monsters also have skills to increase or improve their own attributes or those of the other monsters’ around them. For example, "Stone Golems" and "Lunar Pixies" can increase their weapon defense while “Fairies" can temporarily increase the defense of their fellow monster.

Boss Monsters

Many boss monsters can be found throughout the MapleStory world. Each is located in its own respective map and usually at the end of a very long road or hidden map. Boss monsters spawn less frequently than normal monsters. A "Mushmom" spawns every forty minutes to 1 hour. Even though it is the third weakest among the bosses, Mushmom is very much hard to fight and it is only those players in the level forty and above who attempt to kill it. Other bosses are the “Jr. Balrog”, which can be seen at the very end of the Sleepywood Dungeon; “Papulatus”, also known as the “Clockboss”, can be found at the end of Ludibrium Clock Tower; The "Rombot", also called "Lombard", is the second weakest of all of the bosses and spawns once in every hour.

(IMAGE: MONSTERS>"ZAKUM")"Zakum" is a boss monster found only in a level fifty and above. It has among its arsenal, the ability to attack with ice, fire, lightning, HP and MP drainage. It can also attack using poison-based weapons. Being a boss, it can summon other monsters as well. It has eight arms, each having a life of its own. As such, players must kill the arms first before attacking its main body. The main body has three forms and it increases in difficulty as you kill each form. Also, each arm is capable of healing all its other parts. Killing bosses may be more difficult, but the gains are greater. Bosses usually drop enormous rewards, such as mushmom spores, zakum helmets and various level 80+ items.

The newest and most recently added bosses to the Global version of the game, which came with the release of Omega Sector, are the "Chief Gray", and the "MT-09".

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