MapleStory Monster Book Guide

After you collect all five cards of the same monster the cards will continue to drop from the monster but it is useless and does not add any additional information to the book. Also you will get 15% more experience from that monster for one hour. After the 15% experience bonus runs out you cannot get another 15% bonus from the same monster by collecting five cards from the monster but you can from another monster.

Why are the monsters placed in different colors in the book?

The monsters are placed in the book based on their levels
Red - Lv.0~Lv.15
Orange - Lv.16~Lv.30 
Light Green - Lv.31~Lv.45
Green - Lv.46~Lv.60
Turquoise -Lv.61~ Lv.75
Blue - Lv.76~ Lv.90
Purple - Lv.91~Lv.105
Black - Lv.106~Lv.200  

Do all monsters drop monster cards?

No, monsters that are in version exclusive towns like Amoria, New Leaf City, Singapore, etc are not in the monster book and do not drop monster cards.

How do I set my book cover?

You can set a book cover by pressing the right mouse button on the card you want to set as the book cover and clicking set as cover.

How do I raise the level of my book?

The more cards and different ranges of cards you have the higher the level of your book.

What are special cards?

Special cards are the yellow section in the monster book, it includes PQ bosses.


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