Maplestory Mage Guide - Weakling Magicians?

This Maplestory mage guide will help you start out with building the best mage around. Mages are renown for being able to make the most mesos, most probably because they are adept at attacking multiple monsters at once. they are great fun, and are also useful for backing another character financially, such as a perfect warrior. However, mages are also the hardest to start out with, and are physically very weak with very low HP. But they make up for it later on, as you well see when you follow this guide.

Rolling Your Stats

When you roll for your stats, make sure your STR and DEX are both 4. It will take a while to get it right, but It is definitely worth it. After you start out, make sure your LUK is always three points above your level (so if you are level 9, your LUK should be 12). Put the rest of your points into INT. This will raise your MP and allow you to use more of your mage skills.

Becoming a Mage

When you reach level 8, travel to Ellinia and climb to the very top of the village. You should see an old man floating near the top of the highest building when you go inside. Talk to him to become a mage. He should give you a starter wand, so Do not buy one before you get there. Also, make sure you Do not go above level 8 before you become a mage.

When you do become a mage, make sure your LUK is always three points above your level, and put as much after that into your INT stat. Do not overshoot it or put any points into any other stats.

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