Maplestory Mage Guide

First off, this guide is for Maplestory mages ONLY. This guide will not work for any other mage class in other games. Otherwise, this is a guide to helping you build the ultimate mage up to level 30, where you are then allowed to make your own choices and build your own unique character. This guide is made up of the building-blocks to create a powerful mage.
Welcome, those seeking to gain power and fame as a renowned magician in Maplestory! If you are seeking to build a powerful mage, you have come to the right place! A careful balance of skills, abilities, and equipment will help you to level quickly, and (most importantly) have a great time with your character! Let is get started.

Special Note: This guide is only for regular mages. If you are seeking to make a LUK-less Mage or other special build, this is not the right guide for you.

I - The Dice Roll and Ability Points -
When you first open the Maplestory client, you have the option to make a character. Click on “Create New Character.” First, choose your character is appearance and name using your own judgement. Looks and name do not affect any important aspects of your character, so pick what you like best.

Next comes the dice roll. In order to make a powerful mage, you will need a careful balance of skill points. Here are the skills and their descriptions:

STR- Used mainly for Warriors. This stat affects melee damage and HP increase per level.

DEX- Used mainly for Bowmen. This stat affects accuracy and avoidability, as well as damage for the Bowman.

LUK- Used mainly for Rogues. This stat affects the rogue is damage, but is also a requirement to wear equipment for the mage.

INT- Used mainly for Mages. This stat will affect not only the magical damage that the mage does, but also increase the MP gain per level.

As you can probably figure out, you will need the highest INT and the lowest STR and DEX. Therefore, you should roll the dice until you get something similar to this:

*=any number.
STR - 4/5
DEX - 4/5
LUK - *
INT - *
Your STR and DEX are literally useless and will not help you in any way.  If you want to invest the time, It is best to try and get 4/4 stats for those, although it is not crucial to play the game.  Remember, throughout your life of a mage, STR and DEX will do you no good and will only keep points away from you that you could be spending on INT to do more damage.

IMPORTANT- You will want to keep your LUK as this:

Your Level + 3 = LUK EX: Level 15 + 3 = 18 LUK

This will allow you to wear the equipment necessary to be a powerful mage. All the other points you receive should go into INT to help your damage and MP.

II - Skill Point Distribution -
After you have made your character, you will find yourself on Maple Island, the ultimate newbie training grounds. Fight here until you reach level 8 and then proceed to Victoria Island via Shanks the captain. Then take the taxi to Ellinia, where you will then proceed to the top of the map and talk to Grendel the Really Old to make your first job advancement as a Mage. He will boost your MP and give you 1 Skill Point. From here on, you will receive 3 Skill Points a level. Here is how you should distribute them:

Level 8 - 1 Bolt
Level 9 - 3 MP Recovery
Level 10 - 2 MP Recovery and 1 Max MP Increase
Level 11-13 - 9 Max MP Increase
Those are the really crucial levels. Make sure that you max Max MP Increase first, as it will give you the most MP possible, crucial for making a powerful mage. Although those levels are crucial to be followed in that way, the rest of the levels you can choose on your own. I could give you a list to follow, but then it wouldnot really be your own character, but an artificial one, created by a guide. You should have the power to make your character who you want him/her to be without being told what to do. After all, It is your story.

You can see the description of the skills by their names and choose accordingly to make a strong mage. Make sure to max these skills:

Max MP Increase
MP Recovery
Magic Claw
Again, nothing is law, so these skills can be chosen with your own discernment, but a rough breakdown of the skills will help you better decide what you want to invest in.

Max MP Increase-
This skill is absolutely necessary for any mage, regardless of build or decisions later on.  This skill, as you might imagine, increases your maximum MP when you level up.  This skill builds, and like a bank account, the more money you put in, the more you get in interest, and the more you get later in interest.  It build on itself.  You should definitely max this skill first, as it is absolutely essential later on in your walk as a magician.

MP Recovery-

Again, an absolutely essential skill for magicians.  This skill increases the MP you get back and in what time period you get it back.  Early on, you well get 3 MP back every 7 or so seconds.  This may seem rather fast, but when you are spending 20+ mana on a single cast, you realize you well need more.  The skill is based off of percentages, so a certain percentage of mana will be regenerated every certain amount of time.  The higher level the skill, the more mana you get back.  I have reached a level at a point where I can cast Bolt continually and never run out of mana because my regeneration is greater than my output.  In a nutshell, though, this skill is absolutely crucial to invest in.

Magic Claw-
This skill is one of two offensive skills you have up until level 30.  When maxed, it out-casts and out-damages bolt by far.  It does far more damage than bolt does at a maxed level and is killer later on, although more advanced spells will take the place of it much later on in your mage life.  If you plan on killing monsters and gaining experience, I suggest that you invest heavily into this skill.

Otherwise, points are your own choice. When you reach level 30, return to Grendel the Really Old and proceed to make your job advancement as either a Cleric, a Fire/Poison Mage, or an Ice/Lightning Mage. Each class has their own pros and cons, so they are pretty well balanced out. The previous choices you have made will have no impact on which class you choose, so Do not feel pressured to pick one class over another. You can easily find guides on whichever of the classes you want to pick, but skill point allocation is not crucial in those levels. Remember, if you do read a guide, take it as ADVICE, not LAW. It is your own story and you can change it as you see fit.

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