Maplestory LUK Dagger Thief Stat Build Guide

This guide is about Maplestory LUK Dagger Thief Stat Build Guide. Read the following information and hope they can help you:

When you start, you get either 4 STR or 4 INT. One of them could be 5 if you Do not want to spend too much time. Keep rolling the dice until that happens or your stats will suffer.

  LV10: 25 DEX, 37 LUK
  LV15: 30 DEX , 57 LUK
  LV20: 40 DEX , 72 LUK
  LV25: 50 DEX , 87 LUK
  LV30: 60 DEX , 102 LUK

As you can see, DEX should be twice your level, and LUK should have everything else. Put up your LUK by 5 each time for 3 levels, then put up DEX by 5 twice so that you will have enough DEX to upgrade your armour and weapons. For example:

  LV21 +5 LUK     LV23 +5 LUK     LV25 +5 DEX     LV27 +5 LUK     LV29 +5 DEX
  LV22 +5 LUK     LV24 +5 DEX     LV26 +5 LUK     LV28 +5 LUK     LV30 +5 DEX

This will give you enough DEX to upgrade your weapons, putting up LUK to increase your maximum damage, so It is best to put that up as fast as you can. You will need 10 less than usual, so just put DEX in at level 49, 50, 59, 60,etc. You only need 90 DEX at level 50, 100 DEX at level 60, etc. The ratio changes from 3 LUK to 2 DEX and becomes 4 LUK to 1 DEX.

Hope this guide can help you. If you have more tips and hints on Maplestory, you can also post them at our website ans share with more people. what is more, any comment and correction are welcome.


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