MapleStory Level Guide

MapleStory has been known to have steep leveling curves. This is all designed to keep players playing longer and not being able to reach the max level in a short amount of time.

By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of XP required to reach the next level and how it exponentially jumps up a lot to reach the next level. It generally starts off allowing you to level very fast and then at a certain level the XP jumps up at a faster and faster rate until you are grinding for a week or more just for one level.

By doing so you end up putting a lot of time into leveling while instead you can be out making Mesos and showing off your new cool gear.

This is why I have made a leveling guide in my ultimate Meso Guide. I want players to be able to level fast and not spend all their time just grinding in one spot just to reach the next level. I teach you the best ways to level with each class and show you the very best places to do it.


One of the most important things while trying to level in MapleStory is where to level and which monsters to kill. For this take take hours off the time it takes to reach the next level if you know which monsters give the best XP and which places have the greatest numbers and fastest respawn rates of each enemy. I have broken the entire leveling process down for you showing you the best monsters to kill for each level, where you can find them and which places have the most of them.


Secret Areas
In MapleStory there are Secret Areas. These are hidden zones through out the game that you cannot see the portal to enter but if you press your up arrow on a certain section of the Map you well enter the secret Area. These Areas are the best spots to level, for they have the most amount of monsters to kill and a ridiculous fast spawn time. In these zones you will never have any downtime for you will constantly be killing receiving mass amounts of EXP. I included a detail guide on all of the Secret Areas for each level range. You will learn the location of each one and how to enter. You will also learn the best strategies to increase your productivity in these zones while grinding.

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