MapleStory Kerning City Party Quest Exp Calculations

I found his chapter and it will introduce how much Exp you can get from completing 1 Kerning Party Quest, here we go!

1. Stage 1: If you killed all the Ligators for your whole party in MapleStory, and only if everyone needed 35 coupons 100Exp automatically, and at least 652 more Exp from killing Ligators and at most 2835 more Exp . Does not include excess kills.
2. Stage 2: 200Exp automatically.
3. Stage 3: 400Exp automatically.
4. Stage 4: 800Exp automatically.
5. Last Stage: 1500Exp automatically, and at least 748 more Exp from killing.
6. Bonus Stage: Any Exp from killing Horned and Green Mushrooms.
7. Least Exp Possible: About 4,400 Exp and a lot even though It is the least amount!
8. Average Exp per PQ: About 5,843 Exp. Wow, that is heaps of Exp!
9. Most Exp Possible: About 7285 Exp. Whoa. that is like, 30% Exp for lower levels. Does not include excess kills in stage 1 and any kills in Bonus.

Thanks for time and long time supporting, we will do better in the future.

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