MapleStory Hints -what the users must know

we have to admit Maple Story is a heck of a name to give your game, but free side-scrolling MMORPGs tend to be that way. This had no impact whatsoever on gameplay and its addictive quality, hence the subsequent influx of pay-for-items customers. Maple Story players sum up to an impressive 50 million in Asia and Europe, across all versions of the title. Even outside this premium area of influence, one million users can be found, so there?s no denying its widespread reach. It?s time to pick up your sword, warrior! Here are a few tips to get you started, along with the tricks that only experienced players know.

Flip screen right side up - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Up]
Flip screen upside down - [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Down]
Extra Mesos - Drop 10 Mesos as they become 15 Mesos when picked up

Easy experience for spellcasters
Spellcasters have the upper hand when it comes to killing slimes and snails. Tree stumps are by no means that effective. Just go to Ellinia and buy potions, then fight until you run out of health and mana. Since you should have enough money to buy more, just buy back the potions and come back for a fast leveling session.

Infinite money
If you wish to make a quick buck for your current character, simply create a new one on the same server and be sure to get his STR score as high as possible. Start training but Do not buy equipment. Take warrior as a job advancement option and continue training until you reach level 15. You should have a decent amount of money right about now so store it with the banker Mr. Wangor (or one of his brothers). Switch back to your original character and collect the money.

The best Swordsman stats
First and foremost, get DEX as high as possible, with the leftovers going to STR. Needless to say, Swordsmen don?t benefit INT and SP at all, with limited to no interference from LUK. Thus, you?ll need to maximize your hitpoints and get a level 3 improved hitpoint increase. High Endurance also helps, along with rank 1 in Iron Body. You?ll need Power Blast and Slash Blast maxed out as well.

Recommended grinding areas
Level 1 to 10 - Snails on Maple Island
Level 10 to 18 - Slimes, Orange Mushrooms
Level 18 to 25 - Pigs on Pig Beach
Level 25 to 30 - Party Quests in Kerning City
Level 30 to 35 - Ants in Ant Tunnel
Level 35 to 40 - Wild boars, Fire boars over the wall
Level 40 to 45 - Jr. Grupin in Orbis .
Level 45 to 50 - Copper Drakes
Level 50 to 55 - Stone Golems
Level 55 to 60 - Hectors
Level 60 to 62 - Dark Stone Golems
Level 62 to 70 - Yetis, Transformed Yetis, Dark Yetis
Level 70 - Zombies 

Good luck to you!

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