Maplestory Guide: Using The Maker Skill

Unless you are making average equipment(Maple Story Meso), and gathering all the materials yourself, the maker skill gets very expensive, very quickly. In our opnion, the best time to be using the maker skill is levels(Maplestory powerleveling) 90-200. This is when it becomes excessively difficult to get your equips another way, and you have a stable enough income to be able to afford the expenses. By no means we saying you should not use the maker skill before level 90, we just saying it will take a lot more mesos out of your pocket than you expect it to. We ready to make things.

Now for the fun bits. Open up your skillbook and tab to you beginner skills. Alongside your nimble feet, monster rider, and so on. There is your maker skill. Double click on it to open your maker window. First, select the type of item you want from the first drop down menu. Next, select the specific item from the second drop down menu.

Your screen will now show the required ingredients, along with how many you currently possess. Every equip item requires at least Monster Crystals, and magic powders. Maplestory weapons require plates, and some other things require other refined ores. Quite simply, once you have all the required ingredient and s back while your character works his magic.

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