Maplestory Guide: Thunder Breaker and Build

One point to lightning elves to assist. It soon useless beyond the first job in Maplestory. You can use dashes 3 because you have sharks. Normal pirates use screw press, usually with a dash rather than the transformation. Because the ray breaker will depend on the shark wave, the dashboard more useful. So, you should take the points, from attack skill flash fist, somersaulting kick, the bullet time obtain satisfactory sprint, was full of the best, but can lead to train is slow. We provide MapleStory Mesos for you.

This build requires that you don not buff up your attack skills. As such, training will be slow for a long time, however your character(Maplestory powerleveling) will be as strong as possible when you get to second job. You may want to improve bullets, depending on your time in training on the monster. Moreover, some of the players from the time is not important, and can adjust the according to their preferences.


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