Maplestory Guide On Sindit

Once done with your stat roll, finish all the quests on Maple Island and level up to 10 with 90%. (Why the extra %? Because not much people know about it but it is very helpful for those eager on leveling and putting those skill points in. So once you get the job you Do not have to go through the hassle of wasting time leveling when you have already done it.) NOTE:For your stat distribution your DEX should be 2x higher than your level and points leftover should be put into LUK.

Becoming a Rouge
Once your level 10 you should be out of Maple Island and into Lith Harbor. From there find Olaf and talk to him for a quick quiz on your job. Once finished look for Phil near the big boat on which you arrived on. Talk to him and he will give you a discount and a ride to Kerning City. Once you reached Kerning City you should look for a building which says Fusion Bar JAZZ, that is where you should enter and look for the Dark Lord. Before making the job you must have your stat requirements of DEX being 25. Once done you talk to him and then you get your job as a Rouge. GRATS! you have just become a Rouge and you are one step closer to becoming a Sindit!

The Skills
There are two ways of heading with this from my point of view. There is one way which can lead you to waste mp but have fun, and another which slowly gives you time and make you stronger. One way is to put points into Nimble Body until you can put points into Keen Sight then maxing it out which then makes you able to finally use Lucky Seven with a claw and throwing stars.(Choosing this path means you have to use a Metal Axe until Keen Sight is MAXED.) The other path you can choose is the one which you use stars on a earlier level. that is where you put that one point into Lucky Seven then maxing out Nimble Body and Keen Sight. Frankly both are fine with me but I always choose the Lucky Seven start. I chose that because It is either I am funded to provide my Sindit mp pots, or because I have enough experience to know when to waste or save my mesos. After knowing how you will start out your skill distribution should be like this

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