Maplestory Guide for Jump Quests(One)

There are many Jump Quests in MapleStory. On GlobalMS, the following NPCs give a Jump Quest if the character meets the required level:

Shumi at Kerning City (3 quests)
John at Lith Harbor (3 quests)
Sabitrama at Sleepywood (2 quests)
Assistant Cheng at Ludibrium Toy Factory (1 quest)
Adobis at The Door to Zakum (1 quest)

A character(Maplestory powerleveling) started in a part of the map and use the time jump, from a small platform to another problem, and try to avoid enemies and obstacles, you can knock characters off the platform, so they are forced to either start from the beginning, or, if Fortunately, the characters are from a particular point, above a place to start. Jump Quests can be annoying if the height of characters constantly off.

Success in these quests requires great patience and control in game(Maple Story Mesos). An impatient person who gets furious whenever he/she falls is less likely to succeed than a patient jumper that perseveres. Jump task would be consistent with the pursuit of these cities where the Shumi jump task that requires jumping a subway platform in the background, to avoid Stirges. Jr. Neckis, laser beams, electrical wires, and oil splats. John is quests involve jumping tiny platforms while dodging balls of spikes and moving stars. Sabitrama is quests require dodging spears, thorns, and Lupins that throw their bananas.

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