Maplestory Guide for Farm Monster Crystals(2)

Intermediate Monster Crystal 2 (81-90): Blood Harps, Gobys. Similar to the last level in Maplestory. If you are training/leeching there great. If not, loot, loot, and loot some more.

Intermediate Monster Crystal 3 (91-100): Red Wyverns. Similar to the last two, loot.

Advanced Monster Crystal 1 (101-110): Newties, Skeles. Train/loot.
Advanced Monster Crystal 2 (111-120): Are you ever screwed now. Skelosaurus is your only choice. Game(Maple Story Mesos) monsters in the Temple of Time drop the right stuff, but Skelesaurus is much better.

Advanced Monster Crystal 3 (121+): we hope you enjoy grinding, because that is what you are going to have to do. Chief Oblivion Monks, Chief Oblivion Guardians. Reccomneded Level(Maplestory powerleveling) 160+. The advantage here is that by this time your making Reverse and Timeless equipment, and you need the peices of time these guys drop anyway. We have reccomended maps for some of the more ambiguos ones, but the rest are fairly obvious.

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