MapleStory Guide for choose party members

If you are leader then this introduce will good for you, it is about what kind of members you would want to in MapleStory, take a minute to have a look please !

1. Warriors - It is discouaged to get Warriors of any level in the game, but if have to get one, then make sure he/ she is at least level 26. Any Warriors below that level tend to be extremely weak and useless in the PQ in the 1st stage and the last stage.

2. Magicians - Of course in party quest Magicians are extremely helpful. Any level Magician is good for party quest , but try to get a level 23+ since they have a decent level of Magic Guard.

3. Bowmen - At the lower levels Bowmen tend to be extremely weak. Try to make sure he/ she is at least level 25 (MapleStory powerleveling) if you would like to get one. Even then, Bowmen are not much of a help in the slaying of King Slime.

4. Throwing Star Thieves - It is nice. Second in usefulness only to Magicians. Get them if they are level 24+.

5. Dagger Thieves - Even though warriors of the same level can do more damage, to be honest it is not bad, since Warriors have low accuracy and therefore do 1 is on monsters in the PQ a lot, or just often miss. So they are okay, and get them if they are level 25+.

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