Maplestory Guide: Dagger Rogues for Level 20-29

Level 20-24: Now, all bandits, rich or poor, can train at Pig Beach and can start party questing at kerning, but the proposal does not start until about 24. Double Stab spamming bandits will find their 1 hit KO rate much higher with a better weapon(Maplestory). Poorer bandits will have to rely on what they find for a while. If you want to KPQ (Kerning Party Quest) then you should go around level 25 if you want some good damage or a little earlier if you are funded. Also, if you can 2 hit KO a Horny Mushroom, training in the dungeon will be fast exp if you can find an unpopulated area.

Level(Maplestory powerleveling) 25-29: At this point, all bandits should have maxed Double Stab. If you want you can start party questing in kerning, as you are level 24 which is a good level for party quest in kerning. Or if you have enough money, go train on green mushrooms with Double Stab and perhaps some follow up normal attacks, and hope a pan lid drops. If you lack a lot of mesos, either go normal Green Mushrooms, or make some mesos at Jr Sentinels, which will surely supply you with additional money. If want to burn potions go to the mini-dungeon in Ant Tunnel II where you will find the exp is great.

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