Maplestory Guide: Assassins for Level 43-49

Level 43-49 in Maplestory: Your options are open. Straw Target Dummies (STDs) Very Good Exp/Mesos/Drops (Worth a lot), Dark Leatties, Leatties, Jr Kitties, Fire Boars, Jr Wraiths, Monkey Forest I, and eventually Cloud Park IV are all decent choices. Copper Drakes, if you can consistently 2-hit KO them, are decent as well. A new alternative is the new Ludi PQ that like the kerning PQ gives good prizes and can be less boring than normal training.

Try not to get bored, as a character(MapleStory Mesos) tends to do so in their high 40s. As they can drop tobis, Consider killing the new chronos family of monsters, kumbis and the platoon ones drop glove atk scrolls 60% and the esther shield. Also Jr. Grupins give Kumbis and are easier to kill than the Platoon or Master Chronos which drop Kumbis as well.

Consider doing these three quests at the same time when killing Jr. Kitties. You just have to keep on CPQing. Also, once you are level 49-50, and if you do not absolutely need to level(Maplestory powerleveling), you can start coin farming, in which you purposely spawn weak monsters to try to get as many coins as possible.



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