MapleStory Character Guide: Magician

Professional MapleStory guide is always posted for all players on; you can learn many things at the same time of buying MapleStory Mesos and Maple Story Powerleveling. After introducing the character Bowmen, let us see Magician.

They may not have much of attacking abilities, but they can handle awesome, spectacular magic at will.

Studying ancient studies is their virtue, so high intelligence is a top priority. Since they spend all their time researching, they may not have much of strength or stamina, and they use staffs and wands as their main weapons. For armor, they prefer light ones like robes with minimal defense. They Can not put on heavy armor.

The job order for the magicians reveal a 3-way job route.
In order to advance as one of these jobs, various requirements need to be fulfilled. You should take time deciding what kind of a magician you want to become down the road before committing to a route.

To Advance

Go up to Ellinia located in a deep forest east of Victoria Island, and go to the very top of the town.
Inside you well find the chief of the town, Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him and He well judge your worth as a possible magician. If you are at least in Level 8 with INT of 20 or over, you well advance as a Magician.

From Grendel the Really Old at the Magic Library, you well receive a Level 1 Skill Book called "Introduction to Magic".
Open the skill menu and you well see the list of skills you can learn, and with the SP available for you to invest in skills You d like to master.
you well receive 3 SP for every level up, and some of the skills require you to master other skills first. The book has basic skills of a magician that specializes in magic and defense, and the skills available in "Introduction to Magic" are as follows.

The Basic of a Magician 

Improving MP Recovery 
With this, you well recover even more MP every 10 sec.

Improving Max MP Increase 
While having a Level UP, if AP is used on Max MP, it raises the level of increase for Max MP

Magic Guard
Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

Magic Armor
Temporarily boosts the weapon defense by blowing magic into the armor.

Energy Bolt
Use MP to attack one enemy.

Magic Claw
Use Mp to attack an enemy twice.

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